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For veggies, vegetables, fruits and pulses are great blessing as they don't like to have any kind of meat on their dining tables. Therefore, everything they consume is from vegetables and non-meat dishes. For such people, making a new dish each day with same kind of food items is a kind of tough job but many mothers are already doing it perfectly. It is all about adding different taste to whatever you are cooking and that's it! Your cooked dishes would be definitely liked by your loved ones if they give them a different taste each day.

Now the question is how you can do that? Not a big deal at all. Seriously, this era has made everything so easy for people that everyone can master anything through internet. The only thing needed is the desire for learning. So get ready and get your hands on the internet to search out superb and tasty vegetable recipes. You would get a long list from which you have to select the recipes that suits you taste and mood. The very popular from the list is mixed vegetables. Yes, it tastes yummy when you cook different vegetables together.

Now coming to the nutrition side of these recipes, vegetables are so rich in vitamins and they prevent from so many diseases as well. If you are taking a proper and balanced diet that contains vegetables and fruits then you are preventing your family from various diseases like heart strokes, heart attacks, cancers, diabetes, kidney problems and so on. There are so many other benefits of vegetables like they help you maintain your physique in a proper shape and gives you enough energy for your mind and body.

Moving towards the calories side, one bowl of mixed vegetable contains 180 calories. See there are different types of vegetables, some are termed as leafy, some are flowery, some are known as roots and some are stems, so it is all like a mix.

Anyways, the leafy vegetables such as cabbage and spinach contain 21 and 7 calories respectively. Similarly, the flowery vegetables such as Broccoli, Cauliflower, Cucumber and Tomatoes contain 31, 25, 16 and 32 calories respectively. The root vegetables such as beets, carrots and potatoes contain 58, 52 and 116 calories respectively. Whereas, stem vegetables such as onion contain 67 calories. So that how it goes. Now you can better decide which vegetable to select as per your diet plans and taste preferences.