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Punjabi Desi Food

Desi food Yummy, when anyone talks about desi food, it just brings water in everyone's mouth. People of Punjab in Pakistan and India or anywhere in the world are very famous for their heavy food intake throughout the year. They couldn't even think of doing their lunch without a glass of lassi (a yogurt drink). Besides that, two of the very popular dishes from the Punjabi Cooking Recipes are the "Sarson ka Saag" and "Makai ki Roti". People like to have this extraordinary, famous Punjabi dish whenever they visit Pakistan or India from abroad. Even now there are very well known Asian restaurants that have been opened out there in Europe and America that are offering the same taste of Punjabi dishes to all the Punjabis and non-Punjabis living there.

There are many other famous dishes from the Punjabi Cooking Recipes like Nihari, Paye, Halwa Poori and so on. There were times when Punjabis couldn't think of having their breakfast without Halwa Poori and a glass full of lassi. That was not an ordinary glass of lassi but lassi with lots of butter in that. That's how they used to do their breakfasts.

With lunch, they also want Nihari, Paye and the dishes like that. Punjabi people are very famous that they eat not only to fill their bellies but also want lip smacking food that tastes good as well.

The Lahore food street is the proof for that, as these people are very fond of having desi foods at any time of the day. The popularity of junk food is comparatively less there and people just like to have desi food more and more.

If you are living outside Pakistan, and if you get any chance to visit Pakistan in your life, I must say, you should visit Lahore and see the real Punjabi life out there. These people are full of fun and are always in search of any moment to celebrate. Again their celebration couldn't be executed without lots of sweets and desserts like Qulfa, Falooda and Rabri. These desserts are very popular not only among Punjabis but among non-Punjabis as well. So whenever you get a chance, you should visit Lahore to meet all these taste and fun lovers face to face.

Punjabi Cooking Recipes are a great contribution to the huge collection of cuisine items worldwide and people from all over the world are very fond of these recipes. Punjabi people feel proud to have all these desi food as their heritage and culture.