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مٹن پکانے کی ترکیبیں اردو میں
Mutton Recipes

Many people out there are fond of having meat in their diet. It can be in the form of chicken or beef or mutton or fish. People mostly prefer to have mutton as compared to beef because of the health benefits it has. Mutton is very healthy as compared to beef and chicken. Anyhow people have their own demands related to their tastes and moods. There are other factors as well that can affect the cooking decisions of all the moms in the kitchen. One of these factors is that of cost; another can be that of the availability and ease of access. One more reason can be the weather as well. Whatever the reason may be, it has been seen that people especially boys cannot enjoy their food without meat.

Coming to the mutton recipes, yes you can find a lot of mutton making methods all over the internet. One more way to have mutton is to mince it before cooking. There are many famous dishes that you can make from it such as minced meat with potatoes, minced meat balls, chapli kababs, seekh kababs, kafta kababs, tikkay and many more. All these mouthwatering recipes can be made with all kinds of meat but the mutton would give you the best taste ever.

Turning the discussion towards the nutritional aspect, one bowl of mutton gives you 66 calories and the calories you would get from the fat of mutton is 28. You would get 31 percent of cholesterol and 2 percent of sodium as well. When it comes to the other nutritional elements, like carbohydrates and fiber, you would get absolutely zero percent of them in mutton.

An appealing advantage of mutton is that you would get a high quantity of iron, phosphorus, zinc, protein, vitamin B12 and Selenium from it. However, the other side of the story is pretty different. It refers to the minus points of getting excess of mutton and that is the very high amount of saturated fats and salts that may harm your body and induce illness.

So be aware and make your dietary plan in a way that would ensure a balance diet for yourself and for your family. Also, don't forget to try the delicious mutton recipes for your loved ones.