Cooking Recipe

Boti Stick Cooking Recipes In Urdu


Boty Sticks(Meat Sticks)


  • Potatoes - half kg
  • Bell Pepper - as needed
  • Sticks - 1 packet
  • Vinegar - 1 teaspoonful
  • Eggs - 2 in number
  • Pea - 1 cup
  • Spices Mixture (Garam Masala) - 1 teaspoonful
  • Green Chili and Salt - to the taste
  • Mutton - half kg (cut in small pieces)

Preparation Method:

  • Add salt, chili, ground coriander, and spices (Garam Masala) in a meat.
  • Add water and put it for boiling.
  • Separately boil the peas and potatoes.
  • Potatoes must be harder and cut them in square pieces.
  • Mix the vinegar in the boiled meat.
  • Now take a stick and thread, one by one, a piece of meat, potato, pea, bell pepper, and in the end, mount a piece of meat again till the stick is completely covered.
  • Following the same method, make as many sticks as possible.
  • Now put all the Boty Sticks in freezer.
  • When you want to fry, take them out of the refrigerator.
  • Dip each stick in shacked egg (beaten eggs) and fry as many sticks as there are individuals to be served.
  • Once fried the Boty Sticks are ready to be enjoyed with your family and friends.