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Fishes Cooking Recipes In Urdu

Fish Recipes

When you are going to cook fish for your family, everything in the kitchen seems fishy due to its odor and distinct aroma. Everyone just loves fish recipes specially fish fingers and fillets. There is a long list of food items that you can make from this meat. It is equally tasty and healthy in both the styles of East and West. Talking about the styles, in the eastern way of cooking, you would love fish pulao, tikka, seekh kabab, mince, qorma, shami kabab, biryani, curry, and so on. Coming to the other side of the picture, the western variety, here you would find fish penne pasta, shashlik, patties, stew, cutlets, rolls, tempura, soup, fish with chili sauce, fish with lime & pine apple, and so on.

No matter whatever the method is, such dishes are always in demand among people who know the health benefits of this type of meat. Let's explore some of the pluses, such as a dish of almost 100 grams can give you 87 calories. You would get 13% of cholesterol, 1% of sodium, 11% of potassium, 38% of protein, 1% of vitamin A, 1% of calcium, 4% of iron, 20% of vitamin B6, 16% of vitamin B12 and 7% of magnesium from one serving of fish. The only thing you wouldn't find in this food is vitamin C.

Fish is amazingly good for your health but again as excess of everything is bad; you should take average quantities so that you should not boost up your cholesterol level. So search out some quick and tasty fish recipes and get ready to cook them in your kitchen.

There are a lot of recipes on the internet that are made of such ingredients that might not be easily available to you; so don't worry. You can try the ones which are feasible and affordable for you. It's good to be simple. That's why try to make a list of simple and quick recipes that would not take much of your time and also taste good on the other way.