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Eid Recipes - Pakistani and Indian Recipes For Eid Day

Eid Recipes

Eid-ul-Fitr: A festival of colors, happiness, Eidi, joys and obviously sweets, but the most pleasant things on Eid ul Fitr, after the Eidi, are the desserts and other yummy dishes that people make in their homes for guests. I still remember the decoration of our dining table on Eid day which my mom used to do for all the relatives and family friends on this special occasion.

Now the trend has changed but not the customs, obviously. Every mom now tries to make something new and special on this auspicious day. Since, internet is here, the girls just search all sorts of Eid recipes and win the hearts of their family members.

In Europe, most of the Asians prefer to make Pakistani recipes and Indian recipes for Eid. The only way they can enjoy their Eid is to make dishes of their home ground and remember their loved ones this way. The Pakistani recipes for Eid ul Fitr are really very popular among all the Asians living in other countries of the world, specially the Sheer Khurma. It is dessert made of vermicelli, milk and dry fruits with other decoration stuff as well. Besides that, only the sweet vermicelli dish is also very much liked by everyone on Eid day.

In Pakistan, the Eid ul Fitr recipes mean vermicelli and Sheer Khurma. People do make other dishes as well but these two dishes are preferred the most. The Indians, though prefer the Indian recipes on this day but they also like to have Pakistani recipes as well.

There are lots of other Eid ul Fitr recipes along with the sweet dishes. Most of the people like to do barbeque also. Since, it is the day of spreading and sharing happiness and laughter with one another, therefore people find ways to gather and enjoy each other's company around the grill.

Well, when Eid comes, it brings a number of mouthwatering and lip-smacking dishes to be prepared and enjoyed on the occasion. On this day, everyone is happy, and no matter how full the belly is, people like to eat and drink healthy and spicy items with their loved ones. Some people make Pakistani recipes while some give a try to Indian recipes for Eid. No matter whatever is made, it is made with true feelings for guests and that's why, the dishes are so delicious that people cannot forget the taste throughout the year. Eid recipes have always been so luscious and appetizing that no one can resist; even people on diet cannot stop themselves.