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Bread Roll Cooking Recipes In Urdu

Bread Roll

Bread Roll


  • Bread - 1 (large size, cut into lengthwise slices)
  • Knorr Chicken - 2 cubes
  • Black Pepper - 1 teaspoonful
  • Mayonnaise - 4 tablespoonful
  • Corn Flour - 2 teaspoonful
  • Boiled Eggs - 4 in number

Preparation Method

  • Dissolve chicken cubes in a cup of water and boil to make soup.
  • Mix 2 teaspoonful of corn flour in the water, and add it into boiling soup.
  • When soup becomes thick, cool it.
  • Now add 4 finely chopped eggs, mayonnaise (4 tablespoonfuls), black pepper (1 teaspoonful), and sugar (2 teaspoonful), and mix them all.
  • Press the bread evenly with little force, and spread a layer of the cooked mixture and roll the bread along width.
  • Wrap the rolls in a cloth and put them in a fridge for cooling.
  • After half an hour, take it out of refrigerator; make round slices with sharp knife and serve the dish to your worthy guests.