Cooking Recipe

Singapore Rice Cooking Recipes In Urdu


Singapori Rice


  • Rice—half kg
  • Boneless Chicken—1 cup
  • Cooking Oil—for fry
  • Cabbage—1 cup
  • Tomato Ketchup—2 teaspoonful
  • China Salt—1/2 teaspoonful
  • Fresh Cream—half cup
  • Onion—1 bulb
  • Bell Pepper—1( whole)
  • Carrot— 1 head (middle-sized)
  • Salt— to the taste
  • Black Pepper—2 teaspoonful

Preparation Method

  • Take oil in a pan, put chicken in it and make it light brown.
  • Now put onion, bell pepper (sweet pepper or capsicum) and, in the end, add ketchup & fresh cream in it.
  • Add a little quantity of oil, cabbage, and chopped carrot in it and slightly roast all of the ingredients.
  • Put boiled rice in it, add small quantity of table salt, china salt, black pepper and fry it for some time.
  • Put it on the steam.
  • Now take out the rice and chicken in separate dishes.